Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Most Of Your FIFA 13 Coins-Competitors Does Not Want You To Find The Following

Electronic Arts made over $39 million in just three months off FIFA 14 coins  DLC last year – a 69 percent increase from the same period the year before – but it also created a lot of headaches for consumers (and us) with what came to be known as the "FIFA hack."Well, EA thinks you'll want to experience that all over again in video game form through the latest FIFA iteration. 

  1. Call it "training" if you want. The PlayStation 3 version of FIFA 13 will support the PlayStation Move, and the special controls were demonstrated during Gamescom press conference.FIFA 13 will have a feature called Match Day that incorporates real-world developments into the gameplay, through the running in-game commentary. Match Day will also affect gameplay, with team figures changing to reflect the real world numbers, and in-game stats reflecting on-pitch performance.
  2. FIFA 13 and FIFA 13 Coins Manager, EA's annual footie franchise installments, have dribbled out some screenshots and a trailer for this year's installment.EA Games president Frank Gibeau told us during Gamescom. "We take it very seriously, put a lot of resources on it. The learning from the FIFA example last year has been incorporated this year. Gibeau said that EA did hire someone from Microsoft to add layers of security precautions and other anti-hack methods inside the publisher's products.The gold packs are meant to be used with FIFA's Ultimate Team, the online ecosystem that last year was subject to a flurry of hacks.
  3. "I hope that they do, and I think our performance will have to make them feel that way." He concluded, "We can promise it, but we have to actually show it."Aside from those two, there will also be demo stations at EA's booth for Need for Speed: Most Wanted, FIFA 13, FIFA Manager 13,Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Star Wars: The Old Republic.Unfortunately, in this instance, it stands for "paid downloadable content," and EA Sports' $25 "Season Ticket" is adding a smattering of said content to its value proposition in its coming line of annual sports games.
Shaking the GamePad activates the FIFA 14 Coins Touch Screen Shooting, a feature that places a soccer net on the handheld screen for players to tap, guiding their shots into the net with more precision.Kinect will also enable the referees to "hear" it when you react poorly to a bad call, and while you won't get a yellow card for cursing out the refs, they will take your potty mouth into consideration on future rulings.

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